Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Owl Obesssion?

So there seems to be an unintentional theme early on in the history of craft day; OWLS.  We decided that we wanted to try something in felt for this month and when I found the pattern for these little guys it was hard to change gears.  After getting the OK from the CBD, Canine Board of Directors, we went to work.  Felt was a flyin and I think a couple of us may have even gotten a little silly off the glue fumes in the air.


The variety of these group crafts is a big part of the fun.  Brown, green, orange, purple, and even blue owls started to develop over the hours spent in concentration over styrofoam balls and oodles of glue guns.  We bonded over sharing felt and mutual burns from said glue guns
but there were some definite highlights to this month’s meeting that sets it apart, one being an appearance by my rock star hubby, Dan.  

After a little persuasion on my part and a little nudge from the CBD, Dan agreed to compose a theme song for the blog.  An introductory draft performance over our monthly potluck dinner, was one of those highlights that was unique to this week.  Stay tuned for the world premiere of the official Rhinestone Beagle theme song coming to a computer near you.  SQUIRREL!

What’s the most important thing about working with owls?  Being nocturnal they really come alive the later in the night it gets.  After the s’mores were eaten and bonfire extinguished, most of the girls went home but being hard core as we are, Kelly and I retreated back to the craft room.  These guys were the result of that late night push.  

I think someone(Sadie) may have snuck them a couple shots of espresso when we weren’t looking.  
That is one guilty puppy face.
Craft on!


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