Monday, October 4, 2010

Take this uber expensive wreath from the craft stores!

Ok, now economy aside, if I could buy one of those big beautiful wreaths I totally would, you know the ones with a fine grapevine underpinning covered in lush fake flowers, leaves, nuts, branches, and maybe even a big ole' bow, but damn, those prices hurt.  Even at the neighborhood craft fair those bad boys are suckin' the $20s right out of your wallet with no regard for the water bill.  Well you say, what if I see a nice wreath at a discount store, as you get closer to the actual thing you notice its plastic filler on a plastic base, long distance "how nice", up close "eww did you see what she bought....".  Looks good on the fence out in the back forty but not on the front door. To add to the wreath dilemma we have dog treats to buy, dog beds to make, dog food bowls to fill, and well anything else to do with dogs we have to do that too.  That leaves just enough time to work for the money we need to buy said treats because the good stuff may even require OT to afford, prepare food for ourselves, and other pets if you have them, and to do laundry, which I am sure will turn into cleansing and fluffing of dog related items, in other words WE ARE REALLY BUSY.

So a quick check reveals not enough money to buy and not enough time to make one of those magazine worthy wreaths to hang out front for all the neighborhood to admire.  But you know what, I am going to let you in on a little secret.....we don't need them! Let's take a step back and adjust what we see as beautiful.  Don't get me wrong, those wreaths are great, but we do not have to give into the notion that we are required by fashion law to spend big bucks to decorate our lives: enter the corn husk wreath.                    
All this is beauty is a hay wreath form covered in the corn husks from fun colored Indian corn.  I just popped off the husks of several different colored cobs and hot glued them in lots of offset layers over the form.  Ok so a few bucks of hay wreath and glue sticks plus the leftover husks form your Indian corn and we have some awesome fall wreath action.

We will overcome fall decoration price gouging forced on us by craft stores.  Unite my friends under the banner of homemade.....and as always dog approved.
Keeping in real with glue sticks and love,
Corn husks of as many colors as Joseph's Technicolor Dreamcoat
The ever wonderful gluegun
Hay wreath form
A super fun bow if your little heart desires                                                            

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  1. WOW You guys rock! This is the coolest blog ever. I will be checking in every day to see what you crazy dawgs are up to...
    -From A Big Fan