Sunday, October 17, 2010

Knock Knock! Who's there? The recycling of an older post fairy. Wait who? Fake Flowers!

Yep, here I come with those fake flowers again.  I think they look really nice, in my nerdy dream world as soon as the neighborhood sees these the football/lacrosse/soccer and scout moms, or any other moms out there, oh I don't know like dog moms, are going to rush to my front door and BEG for me to make them arrangements for their homes.  Thus my crafty hopes of self sufficiency due to my ability to stick plastic stems into floral foam will be realized and you can say you knew me when.  Guess what, they have been out there for a whole six hours and my doorbell has not rung once. Can you believe it?  I guess it's the ole' commute for me Monday morning, oh the pain we crafters must endure.   So are you feeling the fake flower revolution heading your way, well you should be.  It is sweeping the nation.  Take that Justin Beiber!  I can recall the funky look of the fake flower of the past, hello, we had an actual shiny plastic tree glued into a stone pot filled with that horrible white yard rock in our living room, really, I am not kidding.  Thank goodness there are no photos, at least no photos that I can find, I am using the word "can" very loosely here.  Now that we can get sunflowers that even have fuzzy stems like the real thing we can say with conviction: WE HAVE ARRIVED!
So this post is based on a very hard learned lesson, that wind and fake flowers NOT secured into the pot equals hilarity for squirrels and heartache for your local crafty ninja.  You can see where this is going.  After a big wind storm annihilated my first attempt at large outdoor blossom arrangement I turned to the interwebs.  Hey it never occurred to me that I could glue these things into the pot and bring boredom to squirrels everywhere. Muahahahaha, take that you acorn breathed tree leapers!
Anyhoo, I started all over again this time adding rocks to the bottom of the pot and gluing the floral foam with more hot glue then should be legal in my state.  I like it!
Note the look of not quite bemusement on Sprouts face.  In the house the other two are at the door fussing at her for getting to be somewhere where they are not.  Dogs are weird, like the other two would really want to sit with the sun in their eyes between two big fake flower arrangements, but does that matter, no , not really.

Hangin' ten on the wave of the fake flower future.
Kelly, the origami ninja

A good flower pot filled with rocks, I cannot stress the importance of this rock thing.
Floral foam
Hot glue
All the fake flowers that one pot can consume
Knife to cut the floral foam
Wire cutter to trim up the fake flower stems, unless you want really tall arrangements


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