Sunday, November 14, 2010

And the final dog enters the blog, and a discussion about hair accessories.

The other night a group of us went out for dinner before we scoped a Halloween decoration contest in a local neighborhood.  We went to a tasty Indian/Nepalese restaurant.  Now we are a diverse group, with a few hiker types, a BBC comfy type, and some cute dressy types.  Now one of  the dressy types is wearing the ever popular skinny jeans.  Don't worry we poked a bit of fun at her about having an emo band in the garage and watching the Twilight movies.  She loves the Twilight movies.  Thus a conversation about what age are skinny jeans appropriate.  I do not own skinny jeans, nor will I ever, I don't get the need to have your pants touch you that much, but I digress, so I listened intently on what the outcome of the discussion would be.  It is decided that you can wear skinny jeans in your thirties, but not into the forties.  But as I see cute old grey-hairs rockin the Pollyanna braids with bows, fashion cannot dictate to those that will not listen.
So that got me to thinkin about the hair things I like to parade around in, I maybe in my thirties, but I sure as heck don't act like it.  Is there an age for your stereotypical Gothic Lolita hair item or large green pony-falls?  I mean the hats, the maid headbands, the adorable clips; so much cute for so much hair.  And those are by no means the only ones I wear: pigtails with bows, messy buns with glitter clips, headbands with Anbu Black Ops masks on them, Asian hair sticks with danglies, and those cool scarves the teenie-boppers used to put in their ponytails.  I wear them all with pride, sometimes to the enjoyment of my husband.  He loves me for who I am, but that doesn't mean he won't laugh at my fashion choices. 
Now I get the urge to make my own hair item to wear for Halloween.  So I get all my materials together and go to town.  I had a basic idea, and as work computers block all searches for anything "Lolita" related (a co-worker friend had to explain to me why), I just went with it.  It's a little bit dark meets a little bit cute.  I knew I wanted skulls and black and white check ribbon.  I like it, it's spookily adorable!
But I pose the question to you faithful blog reader: Is this hair band appropriate for a nine year old male yellow lab?

Keepin' it crafty every step of the way!
Kelly, the origami ninja

Fabric ribbon of your choosing
Matching lace, or non-matching if you like
Felt, for all of your favorite cutouts....oh how cute would little watermelons look on red and white check
Needle and thread
A bit o' the fabric glue
Any other little doo-dads to add, I had sequins as the eyes on the skull

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  1. So you trying to say 40 is old? Maybe for a ninja, but not for a falcon.