Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Swap-tastic Christmas Update

My stocking stuffer swap has finally come to an end and I have to say I hope Two Frog Home hosts another one next year cuz I got some awesome stuff!  First of all I love getting snail mail and going out to the mailbox each day was like a little mini Christmas.  I got the last of the packages today so here's what came in all the goodie bags.

Shea sent these cute fabric sandwich bags.
Great timing cuz I've been meaning to make some for my lunch bag.

Tree, from Frugal is a Green Journey, sent a great collection of recipes on homemade cards 
and a great gift tube.

Kathie from Two Frog Home sent Sugar n' Spice bath powder, organic celery powder, and squash seeds from her garden.

Shawn, from Contemporary Insanity, sent a great produce bag that will definitely be going to the farmers market with me.

Kelly sent these beautiful beeswax candles.

Jen sent a great assortment of handmade cards I'll be proud to send 
friends and family.

Hailey sent a great assortment of seeds and a magnet made from a rock from 
her neck of the woods.

Rachel sent these bay leaves in a cute little felt envelope.

Lisa from Hooves & Hounds sent this pretty B&W picture and some yummy homemade chewy caramels.

And last but not least Penny, from the Black Sheep Cottage, sent an adorable crochet potholder/doily, some tea and 2 Andes mints.  
(There used to be two but I couldn't wait.)

Thanks so much to all the ladies for such great stuffers.  I feel pretty lucky to have two great swaps in a row.  (Knock on wood.) 

Craft on!

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  1. Sounds like a really fun idea! :) I LOVE waiting for goodies in the mail as well. :D (at the moment i'm waiting for beading supplies i ordered online...weeee!)
    I've never participated in one, not sure what it's all about.