Monday, February 28, 2011

The Fantazmarifical Sausage Pillowcase

This my friends is the day you have all been waiting for, the day that the sausage pillowcase entered your life. (Disclaimer: if the sausage pillowcase is already in your life than you had an awesome day sometime in the past. So we can then chalk this one up as the second awesomest and go from there.)  So blow the snoswangers and thump the thumtumpers cause it is time to celebrate! This marvel of modern sewing is brought to us by Judy Woodmansee of of the Quilt of Valor Foundation who serves the both past and present members of the military through donations of handmade quilts, know as Quilts of Valor.  Now Judy, in all her wisdom, made a killer YouTube video of how to make the sausage pillowcase. Seriously folks, go watch this video, it will bring a smile to your face, everyone cheers for her at the end, LOVE IT! Judy, the Rhinestone Beagle sends its thanks out to you as this is possibly the greatest pillowcase recipe ever.  From start to finish, including: ironing, measuring, cutting, picture taking, sewing, dog tempting, and general gussying up, it took me one hour and 15 minutes to make an entire pillowcase.  Not just any pillowcase but one without visible seams done without using a serger machine.  Hold your applause until you see this glorious item, but once you do you will feel a standing ovation coming on as you pop your favorite pillow into its new home.
Materials, for one standard sized pillow:
Fabrics of your choosing, three that go to together is preferred, but hey who can talk smack, they didn't make a pillowcase from scratch now did they?
Sewing Machine
Tape Measure

Step one:
Once you have your fabrics washed and ironed you will need to cut three pieces. Your main piece will be 23" by 45".  If your fabric is only 43" wide instead of 45" wide no worries, it will still fit, just have the other 2 fabric lengths match.  The other two pieces will be 13" by 45", which I like to think of as the lapel of the pillowcase, and 2" by 45".  The piece that is 2" wide needs to be ironed in half lengthwise with wrong sides together to form your accent strip. See, dogs like sewing too......ok I just think they get excited by the frequent use of the word "sausage" in this project.

Step two:
Lay your main piece right side up, lengthwise match the cut edge of the accent strip with the top edge of the main piece.  Now lay your lapel piece with right sides together on top of the accent strip and pin. 
Step three:
EEEEEE, this is the fun part! Ok, flip over your pinned piece and roll up the longer main piece like a jelly roll toward the pinned edge.  Now wrap the other edge of the lapel piece around the rolled up part like a sausage casing and re-pin.
Step four
Sew, I used a 3/8" seam allowance here.

Step five:
Pull the guts of the pillowcase out one of the ends of your sausage casing.  Look at that! You have a perfectly sewn pillowcase top with no visible edges, don't you just love it?
Step six:
With right sides out sew a 1/2" seam around the side and bottom of the pillowcase.  Trim close to seam. Now fold inside out, iron that seam to get a crisp edge, this will help with your next sewing bit.  Sew somewhere between a generous 1/4" and 1/2" along the bottom and edge of the pillowcase keeping the already sewn edge tucked inside. This will hide your seam inside a little bead of fabric and your pillowcase will look Wunderbar!

Step seven:
Go grab your self a pillow and admire your work! Hot Damn!

Now you can replace warn pillowcases with fresh new ones, create ones to match a beloved quilt, and get kids to help design their own set.  Who doesn't want awesome homemade Optimus Prime pillowcases!?! You can even use this idea to make personalized Trick-or-Treat pillowcases, you could always tell who hunted the Halloween candy hard core when the pumpkin bucket had been tossed aside for the pillowcase.

Judy Woodmansee you made this all possible and I cannot thank you enough.  I take great pride in the fact that I can make a perfect pillowcase in about an hour.  If you ever meet this maven of sewing creativity give her a shout from the Rhinestone Beagle for me.

Keeping it sleepy and yet fashionable,
Kelly, the origami ninja


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