Thursday, March 3, 2011


Please excuse the randomness of the picture.  It really doesn't have anything to do with the post other than a well needed dosage of spring.  Plus I really hate posting without pictures.  It evokes a very uncomfortable response to just put words.

Ok Kelly and I have been talking about this subject since I discovered link parties just last month.  Link parties have been a godsend to bring us more traffic, especially being a newborn blog like we are.  We have even been featured on two of these blogs just because we put a link up to a post we were doing anyway.  So the next logical thing to do was to share this information with our blogging fans, friends and even guys and gals we have yet to meet.  We love you, man.  Enter the Party Down page.  You will find it on our tabs under the blog title.

This is a listing of all the blog parties yet to date that I've found in my obsessive searches.  The list will continually be updated so if you know of a link party thats not listed please drop us an email or comment and let us know.  We read each and every one of your messages with excitement.  No party is too small.  We will be glad to add it.  Even if you're not linking up for the day this is a great list for inspiration, along with our Fave Blogs tab.

What does the future hold?  Hang on to the edge of your seat cuz Rhinestone Beagle will soon be starting our own link party!  There will be a post party wrap-up with highlighted projects and even possibly some giveaways.   I know I can hardly contain myself.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Craft on!


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