Friday, February 4, 2011

Late Winter Fashions

In my next attempt at expanding my knitting knowledge I decided to tackle these bandanas.  They are a great starter for those who are relatively new to knitting.  All you need to know is cast on, knit, knit on back and front of a stitch and bind off.  They are a great simple project if you have a couple hours to kill or you just need some instant creative gratification.  I made both in the course of two days, about 4 hours a piece from start to finish.  These were my first two attempts that ended being perfect size for 2 of my human and dog nieces.

The timing couldn't have been better for these gifts as there was a freezing cold front through Houston where Laurel and Delia live.  They even had an ice storm today, and if you know anything about the area that means the entire city was shut down.  (I can testify to this because I used to live there too.)  

Unlike the midwest, they don't salt the roads so the highways were like giant slip and slides.  Fun unless you're one of the hundreds of people that slammed into the cement guardrails and each other.
The purple bandana, modeled by Laurel, was great for keeping a her little head warm. 

Very cute!  The grey model, however, got Miss Delia's seal of approval.  

Doesn't she look smart.  Enjoy Ladies!

Craft on!


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