Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Signs of Spring Withdrawal

Well if you read this post you'll know that I'm having some longing for spring these last weeks of winter.  So Ive decided to get a weekly fix of all things spring.  This week I finished up a a couple projects that were intended to be Christmas presents.  Suffice it to say that didn't happen.  Now I know I have to start planning for Christmas in November instead of December.  Thankfully these little guys fit right in for my spring treatment program.

These bunnies all started when Dan and I went to our friendly neighborhood used bookstore and I found this.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  That is a mint condition Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts, complete with accompanied CD of patterns.  When I found it on the shelf I couldn't believe my it.  Ive been eyeballing this book for some time on amazon but I had a hard time bringing myself to spend $35.  How much was it at the used book store you ask?  $15!  But wait there's more .... we had just sold a bunch of books to the store and gotten $20 so I used that money to acquire this great new weapon for my crafting library arsenal.  So really the book was free!  BEST PRICE EVER!

So reading through it on the drive home, yes I made my husband drive so I could read through the book on the way home, I found a pattern for these little bunnies.

Super simple and really sweet I thought they would be perfect as a gift for a couple little girls I know.  Flash forward to this weekend where I finished up said bunnies.  I added a couple things I think Martha would appreciate.  One being tails!  When the bunnies were done I just hot glued, with a healthy amount of glue mind you, white pom poms onto their little booties.  The other addition was a little personalization.  I embroidered each of the girls' initials onto the back of their respective bunnies.

Voila!  Totally cute little stuffed bunnies in a couple days.  Now my only problem is getting them away from the dog.  Sadie has a little attachment to little furry animals.  I think she's ready for spring to chase some real ones around the yard.

Craft on!

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  1. I just found your blog and I'm loving all your projects. As a bonus, I love that your dogs are always involved! It makes me smile everytime they pop in!