Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New You

I have made what I think is a good New Year's craft resolution.  I call it "Let's just do it", its the softer fuzzier cousin to "Get 'er done".  I have lots of unfinished crafts laying about, which I fully believe is a requirement for any avid crafter with a short attention span, but it's getting a bit silly.  I don't want them to lie around anymore, I want them to be out fulfilling their crafting destiny.  Thus the let's just do it attitude.  I have assigned myself a project, preferably one already started, that can be completed in a weeks time.  Once that project is complete I can work on anything I want until the next week. 

This was my first homework.  I bought this kit at a thrift store during my last visit to my mom's in NC.  This loverly kit was for a plastic canvas deer that could be used as a door stop or a Christmas Card holder.  The kit was originally $12.99 and was partially completed, I got it for $2.00. 
It even came with some free felt that had nothing to do with the project, no complaints about free! There was a piece of plastic canvas missing but thanks to a $.50 pick up at Hobby Lobby we got that fixed right up.  The woman that had this before me did so much of the work it really didn't take me all that long.  The worst part was the greenery, turkey work on plastic canvas is hard on the knuckles.
Ok, it maybe three weeks late but I love the old school look of my new Christmas Card holder and I really feel good about completing a project.  I hope to keep up a good routine with keeping a project in my hands and a smile on my lips.  My next homework is a Christmas gift for some friends I hope to see at the end of the month, a touch of the embroidery to brighten up the home.

What are some of your crafty resolutions? Are you going to attempt that big project that you have been putting off? Maybe learn a new skill? We would love to hear about it.

Keeping it rolling,
Kelly, the origami ninja


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