Sunday, January 8, 2012

Progress report

Well I finally feel like we are recovering from the holiday craziness.  I'm taking down the tree today and am ready for the clean look of our living room without all the christmas decor.  I haven't been posting much about what I've been making lately since all of the projects were gifts and a good number of the people I gave them to read this blog.  Genius me I actually forgot to take pictures of them to post after actually giving them to their recipients so here is a couple pics of the patterns I've used in the last couple months.  Brace yourself, there's alot of crochet patterns.
Gnome Amigurumi from Lion Brand Yarn
Mini Snowman from Dapper Toad
Quick Winter Headband
Wrist Warmers from Craftyminx
Men's Beanie from Happy in Red
Considering that I just learned how to crochet in November I've been extra busy.  I'm really good and ripping out stitches and starting over and I feel pretty good about tackling novice to moderate patterns.  I won't be dropping my crochet hooks any time soon either as we will be making crochet/knit scarves for special olympics at the next craft day in a couple weeks.  I'm getting a head start cuz I'm hoping to make more than one so here's where I'm at.

How did I get all this stuff done?  Quiet mornings crocheting by the window and lots of coaching from the dogs.  OK maybe not so much coaching as Mr. Biscuit trying to eat my yarn as I work and Sadie power napping by my side.  This is their post breakfast positions until I get up to do something else.  

Crochet on!


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