Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guinea Pigs are for Loving

Last week I got to put up a new craft so now it is back to the craft grindstone and posting frenzy.  This weeks completed work is another item that was finished a while ago but had not yet made it to the blog for some love.  The National Anti-Vivisection Society has a contest called Art for Animals that I entered for the first time last year.  This was my entry for the 2011 contest and I even got an honorable mention.  In all fairness I lost to a HUGE art piece of a walrus, it was sweet.  They also have a kids contest too! Go over to the web page and check out this years contest to enter.

The little quilt is about the size of a large place mat.  I just made up the pattern to use up some fabrics that I had that I thought looked good together.  My two adorably loud guinea pigs were the perfect models for the smoochers and I learned basic embroidery to add the finishing touches to the hearts and piggies. 

Aren't they too cute?  After the Art Show I donated the quilt to The Critter Corral guinea pig rescue to help raise them some money.  I hope it helped them get some piggies some good homes.

I am enjoying watching my to do list slowly disappear and I hope yours is doing the same.  Let us know how you are doing on your projects and what is keeping you going this winter, we would love to know!

Keeping is moving,
Kelly, the origami ninja


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