Saturday, March 31, 2012

Craft Day Katsup

I just realized that we forgot to postabout the last two craft day meetings so lets catch up.  February was planned to be a very full day of making bird houses and some floor poufs/cushions.  Well a week before we were going to meet I put in the order for some birdhouse kits from an online retailer, who shall remain nameless.  I checked the shipping time and a week was plenty of room to make sure we would get the kits in time.  Well to make a very long story short all but one kit arrived two days late.  Yep, I said late, so we decided as a group to push back birdhouses to the next month.
Now what about those floor poufs you say?  Well it turns out Sarah and I were the only two people who had bought the fabric to make them so being the supportive group we are everyone went with us to the craft room to work.
Now for some reason something happens to me on craft day where I never finish on time.  I'm not sure what it is but I guess I work at a slower pace than the other girls.  (Sarah had been smart though and started some of hers at home.)  Her finished product was a bunch of fun to stuff though.  I think Katy might have even tried to stuff Sarah in the pouf as well.
Sarah with one of my best models.
Speaking of stuffing I had ordered some scrap shredded foam from The Foam Factory for my two planned poufs and one of the most fun things we did all day was to unpack said foam.  When they shipped it to me the company advised to upon the plastic bag upon arrival so the foam would expand to its true volume.  I had no idea how much it would expand.
March finally came and I was ready with everyone's bird house kits.  Sarah's was the only one who's required nails, mainly because it was made of cedar instead of the cheap balsa wood kits the rest of us had ordered.  All of ours only required wood glue.  We used Gorilla wood glue and I can't say enough nice things about this product.  I'm using it to construct my entertainment cabinet too and its crazy strong.
It was a beautiful warm sunny day so we all camped out in the backyard to enjoy the weather, and partly to make keep and ear on Sarah to make sure she didn't nail herself to her birdhouse.  After a few hours of gluing and Sarah cussing from the garage we had 5 completed birdhouses.  All of them different and special.

Now the other thing I should mention is that it was an extra mellow craft day mainly because 4 of us had gone to workout together that morning at a new place in Katy's neck of the woods called Hit It Fitness.  We took the Tabata class.  I have to admit the class was cool but it kicked everybody's ass.  Very intense and we all seemed to be in an exhaused haze by 5 in the afternoon.  Constance is a great instructor but I probably wouldn't have chosen to go to that class on my first time at her gym and on a day when I had other things going on.  Will we go back?  Already have.  I even like it so much there that I bought a block of classes.  Holla!

Sadie as the ever faithful co-pilot.
Little side track there, sorry.  The rest of the evening was spent watching trashy reality shows and eating yummy food, which seems to be a pattern for the end of the night on craft days.  I, of course, was the last to be done and decided to finish painting my birdhouse the next day.  What do you think?

Craft on!


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