Friday, May 4, 2012

DDS - Day 6, Puppy Pack Profile

Introducing Kristina Z's Pack!
First up is Princess!
  • Age - She is a Humane Society rescue the family got after Kristina's second birthday.  She just turned 18!  
  • Breed - She's a mutt, but aren't they the best?!
  • Likes - Eating fresh vegetables, especially lettuce and carrots, and american cheese.
  • Puppy Fact -  When she was younger she was hit by a car while chasing a frog and still has trouble with her leg.  Now when she uses the bathroom, she lifts her leg like a boy dog. 

Next is Lola!

  • Age - Almost four years old.
  • Breed - Chiweenie, thats Chihuahua and Weener Dog.
  • Likes - She loves dressing up for more attention.  Tutus, Snuggies, shirts, bandanas, shoes....she's got it all.  
  • Dislikes - She's a diva to the max and isn't too fond of anyone until she gets to know them.  She does not like her paws touching the ground and prefers to be carried everywhere.  She often refuses to jump onto the furniture to reach you, but prefers someone picking her up and placing her in your lap.  
  • Puppy fact - She struggles opening the doggie door because she is so little, and will often paw at it for a while until a human, or another dog, offers her help.
Next is Luigi!
  • Age - He was also a rescue so they aren't sure of his exact age.  The shelter estimated it around 2 when they brought him home so he's about 4 now.
  • Breed - Dachshund!
  • Likes - He is a lover boy.  He loves cuddling up to anyone and everyone.  He loves to play tug of war and refuses to surrender.  They pick him up by his toys now and again, hanging on for dear life!
  • Dislikes - He is defensive of his family and any perceived threat will be bitten!
  • Puppy fact - The poor baby has the worst gas attacks so they try to stick with a strict diet, but he LOVES ice cream and bread!
Next is Lucky!
  • Age - About 3 years old.
  • Breed - Dachshund mix, also from a shelter.
  • Likes - She's a chunker so she loves food, especially her brother and sisters' food.  She plays "steal-the-bone" with her siblings too and will literally hoard them all to taunt the other dogs with her mother load.
  • Dislikes - Cats!  She's an avid cat chaser and protector of her family.  (She's all bark and no bite though.)
  • Puppy fact - She is so short and small that she finds her way into the trickiest of places.  Recently she let herself out of the backyard by squeezing under the fence and onto the front porch waiting of the family to get home!  
Last but not least is Blackjack!
  • Age - Another rescue who is about 2.5 years old.
  • Breed - Basenji mix who is incredibly smart!
  • Likes - Doing tricks like shaking hands, playing dead, dancing and his favorite "more" which is him rubbing his right paw on his nose to tell you to pet him.  He also taught himself how to open doors, and knows all the spellings of his favorite words like, W-A-L-K, T-R-E-A-T, and R-I-D-E.  
  • Dislikes - He HATES getting baths or swimming in pools, but loves swimming in the bayous and rivers near the house.  I guess dirty water is OK in his book.  
  • Puppy fact - For awhile, he was unaware of his growing size because he grew up with smaller puppies. He has hit people in the face a few times while trying to jump into their lap and even gave mom a black eye! A few times, he has lifted his leg onto our smaller dogs not realizing they were under him while using the bathroom.  Silly dog.

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