Sunday, May 6, 2012

DDS - Day 8, Snackies!

All dogs love snacks but if your name is Mr. Biscuit you automatically become a specialist in yumminess. He wanted to share one of his best recipes so your pooches can feel the love too.  

Mr. B's Healthy Kong-sicles

This is a treat I like to make for the dogs all year round but its especially great in the summer when its getting warmer outside.  These are great for dogs who need something to do when they are being kenneled too.  Remember large amounts of dairy isn't great for dogs so use this recipe like anything else, in moderation.  I prefer this method over the kong stuffing they sell in the store.  Lord only knows what's in that stuff plus it's way expensive!

  • Rubber kong - Make sure you use one that you are able to clean. (I soak mine and they come out fine.)
  • Plain yogurt
  • Ziplock baggie - Big enough to fit your kong(s) inside

1.  Fill your kong with the yogurt.  Do this in small dollops from your spoon.  This will keep you from having air pockets or getting spillage around the top of the kong.  Make sure you do this step OVER THE SINK.  There is a hole in the bottom of your kong and some of the yogurt is going to drip out as you're filling.

2.  Now put your kong(s) into your ziplock baggie.  I used to skip this step but I ended up getting yogurt all over my fridge.  Make sure you lay them on their side so the yogurt doesn't all fall out.

3.  Now just put your kong(s) in the freezer and let them get solid.  Remember to keep them on their side.

4.  Let any available dog lick the spoon.  This helps with clean up.

TADA!  You now have a super yummy summer snack for your pooch to enjoy on hot days, or anytime.  If you try some let us know how your dogs like them.  Mr. Biscuit is always looking to improve his recipes.

Snack on!


  1. Anita, What a great idea! We have a Golden and an English Bulldog who are both going to love it! Mr. Biscuit certainly looks like he is (what a cool name btw). I really like your blog and am a new follower. Would love to have you visit my place sometime when you get a chance.
    ~Elaine :)

  2. Great pictures!! And yes, we stuff kongs too. I sometimes put a piece of apple or teaspoon of peanut butter in the yogurt too as a little surprise. Trying to keep up variety for the pups. Thank goodness for kongs, right?

  3. Such an interesting idea! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!