Wednesday, October 10, 2012

HTTC - Fall Door Ringer

I needed to replace my door ringer and make a gift for a friend, my Aunt who had surgery and one of our girlies.  They are much prettier in person!   This door ringer can be used from now through Thanksgiving.                                                             
They make great gifts and you can use make them for all seasons. 
Step One
You use the cord that upholsters use - get the cord that is as big around as your thumb.
Cut it as long as you want to make your ringer.
 Step Two
Wrap your cord with ribbon and hot glue each end.  It takes about a yard to wrap the cord.
 I use bread twists or the extra that come with garbage bags - but whatever you use wire the cord together and then add a big bell with wire.  Hold it up and make sure that it moves so it will ring before you totally secure it.  Then I add a dab of hot glue. 

 Tie a bow using one yard of ribbon, secure with wire and then wire it to the ringer.
 Now the fun stuff begins - decorate it any way you want.  You can use loose leaves or flowers,  a pick, anything you have.  I used all loose leaves on mine and stuck in a few do dad's. 

Here are a few that I made:

Have fun with these!  Just let your creativity flow!

Thanks so much to Paula at Buckets of Halloween for this great post.  
Check out her blog for tons more fun ideas.


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