Monday, October 22, 2012

HTTC - Tombstone Fix-it

Do you have some of those super cheap dollar store type tombstones laying around in your Halloween stash?  Did you loose the stupid little wire pieces that are supposed to keep them in the ground?  Then you are just like me.  I had wire stakes for about three of the 10 I have and they don't even keep them in the ground when there's the slightest wind to boot.  Time to think up a solution.

Furniture tacks (4 for each tombstone)
Conduit brackets (2 for each tombstone)
Garden stakes (1 for each tombstone)

1.  When picking out your supplies make sure the garden stakes you get will fit in your conduit brackets.  The brackets can be found in any hardware store in the electrical section.  Also make sure the glue you use isn't too harsh or it can melt the styrofoam of the tombstones.

2.  For each tombstone glue two brackets on the back in the middle (vertically).  One close to the bottom and one a little higher than the middle.  Make sure to follow your glue's directions.  Mine took over two hours to dry.

3.  Now take your furniture tacks and push one into each of the holes on either side of the bracket, on both brackets.

4.  Now go and pound your garden stake into the ground where you want your tombstone to be.  Slide your garden stake through the openings on the conduit brackets.

TADA!  You're done.  Now you can reuse these guys for years to come.

Haunt on!

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  1. Love it. This might even withstand the weather that is supposed to hit so many this week. Thanks for sharing on beColorful.