Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Halloween craft insipration

All of the posts on the blog and around the intertubes has got my creative brain a thinkin.  I wanted to add to my decorations for this ultimate fun-time holiday, but money is tight in that arena so I took to the nets to see what I could find.  My first choice was based on the sweater pumpkins from the link party a few weeks ago. 
I had a few saved up sweaters from Goodwill that were burning a hole in my to-do box and this was calling their name.  I wanted to take them apart for the yarn but that was so not going to happen, either I can't take apart sweaters correctly or they talk about me and how to thwart my crafting exploits.  I think it's the latter.  So they sat in the box for three years until I saw the sweater pumpkins post at the link party and I knew what had to be done.  PUMPKINS!

I had one fuzzy forest green sweater and one fuzzy orange sweater.  The fuzzy orange one was the one I tried to deconstruct so one of the arms was annihilated.  Since the arms are what is used to make these adorable pumpkins I thought I was going to miss out but my craft muse smiled on me, she is so nice to me sometimes, and that fuzzy sweater gave me a short fat cowl to make into a cute little squat pumpkin.  I added some fun fabric stems and a bit of cotton string for my pumpkin necks and Houston we have decorations. I have these guys on my mantle, on my little decoration table in the hall, and on my kitchen table.  So cute!
I hope everybody is looking forward to tricks-or-treats coming up next week, I know I am!!!!
Let us know what you are up to with your crafting genes.
Kelly, the jack-o-lantern ninja



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