Thursday, March 14, 2013

100th Doggone Dirty Craftin Linky Party

Yes this is our 100th party.  Thanks so much to everyone for comming back everyweek to share your creative and inspiring projects and posts.  Lets go for another 100!

Rhinestone Beagle

Anne @ Circus Berry has a great post that is cute and yummy at the same time. 
Stop on over at her blog to check out her post on these Magic Seeds!
This looks amazing!  I can't wait to try this warming baked oatmeal from Jessica and Hillary @ Domestic Bliss Squared.  I even have some frozen MI blueberries in the freezer.

Kim from Made in a Day posted a great update for a stool she picked up for $1.99. 
It was inspired by a beautiful hand woven stool from Pier 1.

Southern Blue Celebrations posted a great tutorial on how to make these peeps rice krispie eggs.  They would be a great project for little ones to help with too.  Love the spring colors!

Did you get featured?  Grab the button below.  We made it just for you!

Rhinestone Beagle
  • Link up any project you want as long as its made by you.  That means sewing, painting, recipes, photography, DIYs, and anything else creative you can think of. 
  • Please NO ETSY SHOP links.  I already spend way too much time shopping there. 
  • We would giggle with delight if you would grab our button!  No pressure though; it's not mandatory to participate. 
  • Show some love and visit a couple of the other crafty projects and leave some comments.  It's nice to know someone other than your family and friends is actually looking at your posts out there in cyberspace. 
OK here we go!


  1. Thank you for hosting this fun party! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Thank you for hosting this fab party. ONE HUNDRED.....????
    You are amazing!

    hugs x