Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Craft Club: Embrodiery Style!

For last months Craft Club we got together and tried out Anita's new sewing/embroidery/quilting machine.  Did you know that Anita got a new machine? I know me neither.  Tee hee, just joking Anita, we love this thing!!!
Before the club meeting we each got a quick lesson about buying embroidery patterns off the net for her machine.  We each got to pick out our favorite one from the internets and gave her all the needed information to buy and download the pattern onto her machine.  I am so impressed at this awesome bit of crafting ingenuity.  For a few bucks you buy a bit of data, program it into this NASA box of creativity, and it makes you an awesome embroidery project in no time flat.
Check out the look of sheer fascination with this, such focus, such delight!  I mean come on, this is freekin amazing!   We had a very nice selection of patterns chosen between the four of us, though all of them were very cute.  Sarah picked out a very elegant bird pair done in a purple and a dark tan.  This is going to be a quilt block that will be incorporated into a quilt that will be based on her upcoming wedding.

Anita was all about the Easter theme and picked out a super cute little bunny to make an Easter swag.  You could use this guy for all kinds of wonderful baby clothing as well.  Think of all the sweet colors you could use for this little guy.
Laura picked out our biggest pattern and did a fantastic set of towels.  Once you bought the pattern you can use it as many times as you want so she had a professional pair of kitchen towels in no time.

I wanted a cute pair of hair clips to keep the bangs out of my eyes at work so picked some small octopuses and used Velcro to keep them in place on the clip.  I love my little squiddy guys. 

Now as you know no Craft Club can ever happen without constant dog supervision.  Sadie and Mr. B kept a very close eye on us in case we got too rowdy, at one point Sarah had to have a talking to about how a lady acts in front of doggles of the silly male persuasion.  Mr. B wants all of us to throw his toys at all times and she was not doing that nearly enough.
This was a very chatty Craft Club with lots of giggles and girl time.  We must have kept the dogs from their naps for they day because they tried to sleep up in the craft room with us, but the laughter was way too loud.

Another successful adventure in crafting!  I hope your Spring has given you lots of inspiration!
Keeping it thready,
Kelly, the origami ninja

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  1. I love machine embroidery - it always amazes me I did it at home. Where did you get those super cute patterns? I'm still using my cards & what was programmed on my machine, but I really want to branch out into some quirky ones like you did.