Saturday, April 13, 2013

Expo Recap Part 3 - Shopping

The most dangerous part about this expo was the amount of money I could have spent on all kinds of beautiful fabrics, new tools and creative patterns.  Thankfully I didn't bust my bank but I got some great stuff.  The inspiration was endless in examples vendors had on display and on the feature stage where they had runway shows for clothes and quilts alike.

These gorgeous embroidered pieces were made by Momo Dini Embroidery Art.  Dini actually taught my first class.  She designs all her patterns to be able to move with the fabric so you don't get embroidery designs that feel like bullet proof vests.  What a concept.  

Some of the other craft club girls met up with me and my mom saturday morning to see what all the fuss was about.  After looking at the amazing pieces in the galleries we headed in for some marathon shopping.

I was only able to stay with the girls for a short time cuz I had one more class to attend that I wasn't gonna miss and thank the lord I didn't cuz I learned a ton.  Much to my surprise when I came out of class Laura and Kelly were there waiting for me.  What did we do?  Went back in for more shopping of course.  Here's what my week of adventures produced from the vendor market.
  • I bought the smaller folded pieces along the top and the dog print on the right from H&W Fabric.
  • All the rest came from our favorite booth, Some Art Fabric.  She was only one of two vendors I saw that were carrying modern prints.  I can't wait to use them.  The plastic wrapped ones on the bottom right are from Japan!  Love the Alice in Wonderland theme.  She also has a fun blog you can check out here.
  • Jaquard textile paints
  • Embroidery pressing sheet so you can see what you're pressing before you stick it under an iron.
  • Embroidery stabilizers galore, although truthfully I got the sampler free from one of my instructors that works for Sulky.  Also got some really pretty thread from the Sulky booth.
  • Izzy & Ivy messenger bag pattern for a future craft club project.
  • Fleece Swing Jacket pattern from Barb Callahan of Barb Originals.  She was one of my favorite instructors of the week. 
I also got a nice big roll of tear away stabilizer thats also water soluble.  Can't wait to try this. 

Overall I will definitely be checking out the next expo that rolls into town.  If anything, just for the shopping!

Shop on!


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