Saturday, February 1, 2014

Christmas Gifts in review

So after reading Kelly's sweet post about the anime cross stitch I gave her for Christmas I realized I never showed you all the finished products that I made for everyone.  I was a cross stitching fool for about 2 months in order to get all these done in time and I'm proud to say even early.  Before I could even begin, though, I had to turn the tangled mess you see above into some recognizable supplies.

I only had to buy about 5 colors for all these projects!  I had everything else in my flossy arsenal.  I used 14ct cross stitch fabric for each one that I bought, with a coupon, at my local Joann.  

I purchased all the patterns on Etsy as digital downloads, hooray instant gratification.  I also decided to frame almost all of them which was an excuse to use my dusty matt cutter.  Here's the details on each one.

Kelly's pattern was easy to pick and her's is what started it all.  I was wasting some time surfing around etsy when I came across a shop called Clouds Factory.  Instantly I knew this was the direction my Christmas crafts were headed.  I hadn't done a serious cross stitch project in over 10 years to be exact.  It was time to refresh an old craft.  After looking around I noticed she actually had a pattern for Kelly's fave anime comic.  Now I'm not well versed in the anime genre but I remembered the name of this one.  After contacting a mutual friend to double check it was the same comic she always talked about this pattern was my first download.  Here's another picture of how it came out.  

Laura's was a pretty easy decision too.  If you know her you'll understand why.  Clouds Factory has multiple Dr. Who patterns, yes multiple.  I picked the one that I thought I could get done in time and here was my second purchase.  I got lucky too cuz I actually already had a frame that it would fit in too.  

Here is Katy's.
This hedgehog pattern came from Cupcake Cutie.  I have to say I breezed through everything until that blue background.  I spent an entire 7 hour drive home from Minnesota with blue floss and still wasn't done by the time we got home.  I really didn't want to see that color for a while but it turned out super cute.  There's something about woodland creatures that always makes me smile.

The pattern I picked for Sarah went in a bit of a different direction.  I wanted to do something festive for the season.  I had been eyeballing this pattern from Pattern Bird.  I love the skandinavian feel of the white and red.  I ended up doing something a little different with this one as well.  I left it unframed and gave it to Sarah as a kit to make into a pillow.

Wow that was a lot of stitchin!  I'll admit I would get hand cramps from binge stitching sessions but one of my fave part about making these was the making of these.  I got to have lots of snuggle chair time in the lay-z-boy with my pooches as I worked.  There's something very comforting about having a pup, or two, in your lap while crafting.  

Stitch on!

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