Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pinterest Fab or Flop challenge

Rhinestone Beagle
Are you a Pinterest hoarder?  Do you have an inappropriate number of pins and/or boards and you have totally forgotten about most of them from the moment you hit that "Pin it" button?  We here at the Rhinestone Beagle family, more specifically ME, have that condition.  We decided to try and start actually attempting some of these pins to see if they should stay on the board or go.  Or in other words are they FAB or a FLOP?  Stay tuned this month for posts each week.  From recipe to crafts to beauty techniques, we are going to try and cover a large variety.  In the mean time, check out our plethora of pins on our Pinterest page.  Better yet, if you wanna get in the purging spirit let us know if you try a pin and if it's a fab or flop and we will include you in the round up at the end of the month.  You can even grab the button above.

Craft on!


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