Saturday, June 28, 2014

Media Console DONE!

Mr. Biscuit couldn't hold his tail still cuz he's so happy with the new cabinet.  He asked me to hide treats inside.
I started this crazy project over two years ago. (You can read two other posts about it here and here.)  It has since been sitting in my garage waiting for the final three or so steps to be accomplished.  Totally normal right?  I got the plans off Ana White's website.  This is called the Apothocary Console and the plans were pretty easy to follow.    Well I had a day off with nothing particular scheduled so off I went.  The base of the cabinet was totally done with the exception of adding the back panel which I also needed to drill a couple holes in for the cables to run through.  The only other thing missing was the top three boards which were already stained just waiting to be attached and coated with poly.

In true Anita fashion these couple of steps took much longer than I anticipated but in about 6 hours I was done.  Thank you, power tools.  I added an additional coat of poly the next day to make it three layers and let the cabinet cure in the garage for the prescribed 24 hours.  The result?  For my first piece of furniture I'm really happy.  It's not perfect but I'm pretty proud I made the whole thing myself.  It is a huge change from the Target piece we had before.  Tons more storage space, almost double actually, it fits the space so much better and it's about as sturdy as a rhino.  I'm super excited about having a large space to display holiday decorations since we don't have a mantle.

Any big projects waiting to be finished in your garage?  I'm sure I've still got a couple hiding in there but I'm glad I can check this one off the WIP list.

Build on!

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