Monday, October 27, 2014

Costumed Canines - Super Bubs

I though long and hard about what type of superhero Abby would be.  She is way too silly to be anything hard core tough and has been known to hide behind her momma when other dogs come around so bravery is not her thing either.  She has tried to get the stuffed bunny we put out for Easter to throw the ball for her and has offered to trade her chewies for human food so she is too sweet to be a villain.  Naps are her weekend plans meaning super speed is out, and she could never stay focused long enough to even attempt to control someone mind.
So that leaves only one type of superhero.....the one that thrives in the imagination of little kids, complete with dad's clothes and a towel cape!

Mild mannered Abby by day, working a desk job for the man.

Super Bubs by night, Punisher underwear wearing vigilante keeping the streets safe for puppies everywhere. I've heard tell she might have a bit of a crush on Sgt. Smashy.


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