Sunday, January 30, 2011

Awesome Blog Resource

OK If you're new to blogging like Kelly and I you want to get as much help as you can to make your blog look and function like the ones you love to read.  You know the blogs Im talking about.  The ones with over a thousand followers and posts that always look put together.  Im pretty picky about the blogs that I follow so of course I would expect the same from our followers.  (BTW, thanks to all of you for your support!)

With that said I'm always open to websites, books, or blogs that have easy to understand tips and tricks that I can actually use.  (I don't speak HTML code......yet.)  So I was totally excited when I found The Blog Guidebook.  Its a blog that's all about blogging.  They've got tutorials, resource links, and even giveaways.  But the best thing of all is that you can list your own blog with them to go into their guidebook which is just a listing of a bunch of blogs.  Think of it as a yellow pages of blogs.  They break the listing up into catagories and your first add is free.  Now my only problem is going to be checking out all the links.  Its probably going to take a while.

Craft on!

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